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Aurum cantus ””..... SW-10 Active Subwoofer

Technical data:

  • Design£ŗActive subwoofer system with rear port design.
  • Frequency response£ŗ28Hz”Ŗ114Hz”Ą3dB
  • Low frequency limit value£ŗ20Hz(88dB)
  • Frequency range of the crossover£ŗ40Hz-160Hz (adjustable)
  • Average output sound level: 96dB(25Hz”Ŗ62Hz)
  • The maximum sound pressure level of output: 106dB(55Hz)
  • Species evenness of pass band£ŗ93%
  • Drive units£ŗ254mm(10in) diameter, NOMEX compound material cone, long throw.
  • Dimensions£ŗHeight: 458mm(18.03in), (exclusive of removable spikes)
  • Width£ŗ335mm(13.19in)
  • Depth£ŗ500mm(19.69in),(inclusive of the radiator of the amplifier)
  • Finish£ŗCabinet£ŗMatt Finish in Cherrywood, rosewood or reflective maple£¬also high gloss finish(high gloss Piano paint finish) is available.
  • Net weight: 30kg/66 1b
  • Amplifier: Type£ŗClass B
  • Maximum undistorted power output: 200W (80HzTHD 0.45%4 ohms)
  • Input impedance£ŗ”Ż47kohms
  • Harmonic distortion£ŗ”Ü0.45%(12.5W80Hz/4 Ohm)
  • Signal Noise£ŗ90dB
  • Function£ŗLevel/volume controlØCcrossover frequency control ØC automatic control ØC phase control - low gain control.
  • Input terminals: Line level£¬high level/speaker level.
  • Output terminals: Line level£¬high level/speaker level.
  • Low pass filter: Active second order, variable crossover point.
  • High pass filter: Passive first order, variable crossover point.
Finish options for SW-10 £ŗ
OWNER'S MANUAL£ŗ(SW-10) -658k
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